I was traveling with my family and went to an internet café to share my photos with friends and relatives back home. When I put the Scan-on-the-go card in the Internet Café computer it immediately alerted me about a virus already on the machine. If I had continued, the virus would have attached itself to my photos and been sent to my loved one. Scan –on-the-go save my friends and family.

Randy Starr
     Real Estate Developer

With Scan-on-the-go inserted into the business center computer at my hotel I was all set to access my corporate email. Within seconds of card insertion I was notified about spyware on the computer capturing my every keystroke. Scan-on-the-go helped me find a safe environment to access my corporate email and important business documents. Thank you Network Intercept!

Laura Lambros
     Financial Advisor

As an airline pilot I am constantly on the go and am forced to use a multitude of foreign computers. Scan-on-the-go gives me peace of mind that my computer usage is safe.

Lisa Hozey
     Airline Pilot


scan on the go box





Award winning Scan-on-the-Go card's come in three versions:

1. Basic: Scans your computer for threats, is a one time portable scanning solution that you never have to wait for updates.


  • Viruses and worms
  • Malware
  • Hackers
  • Key stroke logging and Spyware


2. Active State: Does all of the above plus continuously scans as long as your Scan-on-the-Go card is plugged into your computer.

3. Secure State: Does all of the above and also creates and opens an encrypted browser for safe and secure surfing of the web. This Secure Browser protects you when on: shopping, E-mail, banking, socializing websites. Secure State prevents interception of data, and prevents manipulation of data in transmission. All your web traffic is now encrypted and can no longer be seen by anyone which includes: hackers trying to steal your information, nosey admin's trying to spy on you, your local ISP trying to spy on you. ETC. Don't be caught by others tring to see what you are doing use Scan-on-the-Go Secure State to prevent all others from stealing or watching your private information!

See Chart for more clarification

plug scan card in

Anyone using a computer needs Scan-On-The-Go:

  • It's a USB device the size of a credit card.
  • It's Portable!
  • Light weight!
  • Plugs in to any windows computer (Windows xp or Windows Vista).
  • Scans your computer in seconds.
  • No waiting for updates.

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